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My name is Abbey Whitewood. I am currently a sophomore at Duquesne University. I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, so during the summer of 2014, I traveled to Kenya with my mom and sister to aid youth who live in impoverished communities.  I partnered with a family friend, Martina Achieng Amoth, who is a Kenyan.  The trip was a huge success and I was able to raise over $8,500 to accomplish my goals of purchasing a fresh water well, textbooks, backpacks, chalkboards, and desks. I was also able to bring over 150 pounds of supplies to distribute to 10 different schools through donations from my school. 

But there is still work to be done in Kenya. Women and children travel for hours on a daily basis to gather fresh water for their families. My friend Martina reports that some families have lost their cows or donkeys due to the relentless drought. This represents a huge economic loss for the family. It is my hope that I can continue to fundraise money to be put towards more wells in rural Kenya. 

Currently I am acting as a liaison for a community group from Hampton, PA. They fundraised in honor of an upstanding gentleman who goes by the name of "Murph." Donations were collected to build a well, a water storage tank and jerry cans to haul water in the drought prone area of Awasi, Kenya. This area is a difficult one in which to build wells due to the geology of the area. Once finished the well will be dedicated in Murph's name.  In the photo gallery below you can look at some pictures from the Awasi community where the newest well will be located.

I am so excited to see Community Without Borders continue to affect lives here and half way around the world! If you would like to be a part of this latest endeavor, please feel free to contact me at CommunityWithoutBorders123@gmail.com.

Thank you, 


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For regular updates, pictures, and further information, check out my Facebook page, and my website. You may email me as well! Thank you helping me to make a difference for these students in Kenya!

Awasi Community-New Fresh Water Well Site

How You Can Help

Donations are being collected to fund the following projects:
$3500 for a Fresh Water Well
$500 for a 3000 liter water storage tank
$35 to purchase a classroom chalkboard
$50 to purchase a desk that seats three students
$15 for a set of textbooks
$25 for a sturdy backpack 
$4 for a 20 liter water can

To make a donation, you can send a check payable to Community Without Borders.

Please mail checks to:
Abbey Whitewood
173 Greenwood Drive
Bridgeville PA  15017.
You can print the brochure below.
You can print the Gift Certificate below.

My Trip to Kenya

Pictures from Kenya